Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Autism Blog

I am posting this because I am excited about the future of this kids writing. He has started a blog on how a sibling of a child with autism thinks and lives. This is really touching and I just felt so connected with him.

I think we have been different than most families regarding autism. Hannah and Zion have a unique relationship. In the beginning Zion would not play with Hannah. She had to teach him. I could hear her through the door saying, "Zion do you want to play with barbies? Zion say yes." And because he took commands at the time he would sit there and hold the barbie while Hannah made up all the dialogue. It was actually pretty funny. But I am so thankful for her and how she taught him how to play with her. Now she is his best friend.

It is so hard for siblings of children with Autism. I really believe they miss out on a lot of stuff, because parents are focusing so much on the child with Autism. Hannah sees therapists come in and "play" with Zion. She wants to play with them. She doesn't understand the ideas behind the play. Anyway, this blog is written well and a wonderful, realistic view of how a sibling feels.

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