Saturday, February 21, 2009

What is God?

I don't know where Zion learned the phrase "Oh my God!", but it has become an obsession of sorts. He says it all the time. I have told him to say "oh my goodness" or "oh my gosh", but it is hard for him to change once he gets into a habit.

The other day he had to have a tooth extracted. We took him to a pediatric dentist because we thought they would put him to sleep while doing the surgery. We found out later they didn't. He did well because he didn't know what was coming. We then had to take him back two weeks later to get the spacer put in so the permanent tooth could grow into that space. Well, this time he knew what was coming. He had been here before and was very anxious over what was going to happen. Jason was not allowed back and actually had to sign a release for them to strap him to the table. When he was done he was traumatized. Jason told me later that all Zion could say was "Oh my God! Oh my God!" over and over. Now when an exciting or anxious event happens Zion starts reciting his "Oh my God!".

Anyway, I think I am making an impression on him. I have told him so many times to not use "God", but use "goodness or gosh" that I think he started thinking about why he shouldn't say that. About fifteen minutes ago he came up out of the blue and asked me: "Mom, Who is God?"

I told him he is "the guy who made you and lives in heaven". I had to make God something that he could touch because he is so factual and concrete he would not have understood the idea of an invisible creator who also lives in your heart. I think this is difficult for Hannah to understand, let alone Zion, who has to see everything to believe.

Anyway, I know that Zion is probably more in tune with the world and the spirit than I am. He is so sensitive to the things that God has made. He sees a leaf blowing down the road or smells flowers when they first bloom...He feels things that I can't. He is in tune with God's creation. Do I really need to explain to him something that he will never be able to grasp?

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