Friday, December 5, 2008

Update on Zion


My son is so amazing. The words that are coming out of his mouth!!! Full sentences and used in the proper context. He also comprehends so much more than even six months ago. I can ask him to do two or three commands in one sentence and HE GETS IT RIGHT. Even a couple months ago he was only able to take one command at a time, example "take shoes to your closet". Now I can say, "Take your shoes to the closet, clothes to the hamper and get pj's." The progress he has made amazes me.

He is the happiest child. He loves his life. He loves people and wants them to be happy too. He never knows when someone is making fun of him. He tries everything we ask him to do. He absolutely loves affection and eats it up. I love his hugs and kisses everyday. He is so tender and loving. He makes me so happy each day.

I still wonder about his future though. I pray each day that his progress will continue and not fade out. Although life in our household is so much easier Zion still has some idiosyncrasies. He still has trouble with the phone ringing. He smells everything before he will touch or taste it. He still has little episodes of complete hyperactivity and absolute craziness when he is too excited or has sensory overload. He has a lot of trouble with yelling out in class, and home (He is so loud!!!). He doesn't really understand personal space and common decency (He gets about two inches from your face to talk to you and sorta likes to be nude).

When we (therapists and us) all thought that Zion should go to Kindergarten we knew he was going to have a rough time of it and would almost surely have to repeat Kindergarten. Not only for social reasons but also for academic. But he has continually amazed his teachers and us. He has excelled in academia and has made much progress socially. He still has a long way to go, but he is doing so great. He really has been the poster child for early intervention and how early therapy can make a difference in a child with Autism.

I am really looking forward to seeing how Zion reacts to Christmas this year. This is the first year that he has noticed ads on television and magazines for toys. He has actually told us a number of times, “I want that”. Last year it took him all day to open his presents, because he was not interested in them at all. He really didn't care about anything other than movies. This year he is excited and wants to hear Christmas stories and open the advent calendar.

Everyday I thank God for the progress he has made in Zion. I then also think about all those moms who have not had any progress occur in the last year. The ones that have children still trapped in their own worlds. I pray that a breakthrough occurs. I pray that they can somehow communicate with their child, so that they both have a connection with each other and feel the love of a parent and child. Lord please grant us a gift this year of a medical breakthrough in autism research. Let us be able to reclaim our children.

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful story may our Father in Heaven bless you all!
    Shalom :)