Saturday, March 29, 2008

Autism: The Musical

Jason and I watched Autism: The Musical on HBO last night. We actually ordered HBO just to see it. We cried our eyes out, then cheered our hearts out! It was so touching and so wonderful.

The documentary follows children with Autism through a six month process of creating a musical. Each child has a special part and we follow the child as they discover what they can accomplish. It was so wonderful to see them succeed in memorizing lines and learning their parts.

The hardest thing to watch was the mothers and fathers lives and the effects that having a child with Autism has on them and their marriages. Divorce is so prevalent in marriages where they have a child with Autism. It causes so much stress on a relationship. The child needs so much attention that the wife and husband have a hard time devoting time to each other.

I saw Zion in so many of these kids. Most videos related to Autism are about what a child can not accomplish, this film is about love and hope and about children succeeding. It is amazing.
I highly suggest that you see it on HBO or buy the DVD.


  1. Tara,
    That is the show that we watched that I was telling you about. I recommend that anyone watch it if they have the will tear your heart out and open up your eyes at the same time...very inspirational and very real! ~Kari~

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