Friday, February 8, 2008

My Zion is going to Kindergarten.

My little boy has grown so much over the last year, that I haven't even blogged his growth because it has gone so fast. I am so thankful for all the work that so many people have put into him.

I just got the paperwork to send Zion to Kindergarten. He has his preview day March 12th. He will probably have one year with a para and then try to do it on his own.

It is a scary thing for a mom to send their child with Autism to a regular classroom setting. I am so scared. I sorta dread it as the time gets sooner. But this is just one step in his healing.

He now is talking and has a pretty big vocabulary. Most of the time we still have a hard time understanding him, but it gets clearer and clearer each day. Before his words would express his immediate need. Such as "Juice!!" or "Potty !!", Now he comes in singing the Alladin theme song. Or tells us that he wants pizza, in a full sentence. I love to hear his thoughts. I love to hear him sing. I love to hear him at all. It is joy to my ears.

I sometimes am scared that his progress will stop tomorrow. He turns five this year, the magic age of five. Where all research says that the brain slows its growth and learning slows down. I fear that he will stay at this stage forever. Then I have to remember how wonderful he is, and affirm to myself that if God chose to do that, I could handle it. Look how much we have handled so far. God is so good. He gave me this child, this wonderful child, because he knew that this child would need double the love and patience.

Please protect my little bird from the vultures in a regular school. Protect his heart from those who do not understand the mysterious world of Autism. May he be a light of understanding to people that are scared of things they don't understand. And may people see God in my son. Because I do everyday.

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