Tuesday, July 17, 2007

December 2006

Things that are going on in our life:

Hannah has memorized her part in her Christmas concert. And she is playing an angel in the Nativity Play. I can't wait to see her in her first school program!

Zion is doing fine. He has plateaued in his progress. I sorta got a talking to from all his therapists, about his floortime therapy. They said his behavior has declined and he has been harder to work with. I felt like they were saying it was all my fault, so I started crying(being all the emotional pregnant woman). I feel like I am doing pretty good with him, however three year olds do throw tantrums, not only those with autism.

He did learn how to say "HANNAH" this week, instead of "ya-ya". Which is a great step. I have been trying to be more consistant with the floortime sessions since seeing his slow progress lately. He gets about two hours of floortime therapy a day from me and then also he has it at school. He is suppose to get 6 to 8 twenty minute sessions a day. I feel like I am doing a B grade job. Especially since I have Hannah too.

I guess I may have to hire someone once the new baby comes. I hate to do that. Jason may have to take more of the therapist role next Spring. Pray that Zion gets on track with behavior and speech. And that God gives us patience and perserverence to work with him without weary.

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