Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our Life with Autism: The Positives
By Tara Holcomb

1.     My child always knows what time it is and keeps me on schedule.

2.     My child knows exactly what he likes and dislikes, no guessing required.

3.     My child loves movies.  If you are a movie girl like me: Movie buddy!

4.     My child loves the computer and computer games, and being a geek girl, I love trying to figure 
out a game or rewarding him with cheats off the internet.

5.     My child loves small presents and surprises. Always the same reaction: Joy.

6.     He has and probably will have, for the rest of his life, a childlike enthusiasm and excitement for        holidays and special occasions. His reaction to Christmas lights always makes me smile and his enthusiasm to the first snowfall every year is ecstatic.

7.     He loves affection from mom. He never gets embarrassed or tells mom to stop hugging or kissing him (like his other siblings).

8.     He doesn’t care what others think about him (at least at age 8). He is clueless (right now) if people are teasing him or making fun of him.

9.     He is a daredevil. He is always willing to try some new physical activity. Which is great for daddy, but scares me to death.

10. He teaches us how to be more creative parents-to him and his other siblings

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