Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quilt Raffle to benefit Autism Speaks

Team Zion's Tribe is raffling off a beautiful homemade quilt made by Lynn Ramsey.
The tickets are 1 for $1 or 6 for $5.
The raffle will occur right after the Walk Now for Autism September 12th, 2009 at Jordan Valley Park, Springfield, Mo.


  1. I've been reading Zion's page and the wonderful things you have written about His life and his progress. It is such a blessing to me and your Mother to see how you and Jason are just the perfect parents for this responsibility of being Zion and Hanna's guide through life. I am so proud of you, and am again and again, over and over amazed of your wisdom and strength you have exhibited toward you children and others around you. Your heart is so caring that no person, thing or situation can escape you love and compassion when God directs you. I am blessed by You and Jason and am so glad to be a part of your lives. I like so much being a part of this journey with your family. I like being a Grand parent and your father. I love you more than my arms can stretch wide. May God bless you both and make your lives each day a blessing to others walking down the same path of this journey. Giving them the same strength to go on that God has given YOU ALL