Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer School is Over

Last Friday was Zion's last day of summer school. It lasted about a month. He was in a neuro-typical, average kindergarten setting and he did amazingly well. He had his floor-time therapist with him two days out of the week and a para for most afternoons. Mornings though he was on his own. The biggest obstacle that he seemed to deal with was falling asleep. I tried to remedy the situation by getting him in bed by eight pm, but nothing helped. He kept falling asleep in the afternoons.

The Early Education Program for special needs was only a half day so this was the first time he has been gone all day. It just wore him out. When I would go and pick him up from school it looked like he had been through the war. I usually got wonderful reports, but the second to last day when he was offered a wet wipe for his hands, he pulled down his pants in the classroom and used the wipe on his bottom. Oops! Can't do that in school! So we will have to work on that. (I found out right when I got home that he was sick to his tummy and had diarrhea, poor baby).

So the plan for kindergarten is to try to do it on his own for the first two weeks and then we are going to ask for a revaluation and see if he is doing good, or needs extra assistance. I asked the Kindergarten Summer School teacher and she said he did better when someone was there pushing him to work. I hope we won't have to fight this point and they will be able to find someone quickly to fill this spot.

So that's the update. No summer school so we get to sleep in everyday. Well, except Zion. He has an internal clock that wakes up way too early.

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