Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Christmas...Family...and Autism

(originally posted Dec. 2006)
We had a really relaxing Christmas at my parents. We spent Saturday through Tuesday there: which is totally out of the ordinary. Usually we are rushed for time and have to go five different places. No more of that. We are staying in one place as long as our kids are little. I loved it too.
My mom makes Christmas so special with lights, food, and family.

As for the kids: Hannah went crazy and just wanted to rip wrapping paper, no matter whose present it was. She barely even looked at the present. Zion on the other hand only opened his presents after I showed him the present and said "open this one". He had some that remained unopened until late into the day.

He is really hard to buy for, I never know if he will like what I get him or not. The one thing that he loved was an old time Jack-n-the-box that my mom got him. He is a little bit afraid of it, but also wants to see it pop up. So he runs to the other side of the room when he hears the music. Then laughs hysterically. Then he runs up pushes Jack back into his box, and wants you to turn it again. Then runs away. It is so funny.

I think back on this year and how hard it has been to accept Zions autism, and how our life has changed and I feel blessed at all the accomplishments he has made. I feel blessed that we have a wonderful little son that is usually loving and fun to be with. I feel blessed that we CAN get into Zions world, and that he is not more severe. I feel blessed that he can look people in the face now and wants to greet everyone that he passes. Last year at this time, we limited where we went, because of his intense fear of people and new things. He really has accomplished a lot this year.I hope he can accomplish so much more this upcoming year.

I still have a hard time even thinking about what he will be like as he grows. Right now he is young and cute, what will life be like as he grows up with Autism. I cry everytime I think about his future. I pray over him every night that something will break through in his brain that will be the key to a cure.

I don't really care when people say there is no cure, because I think a mothers optimism can help in every situation. And I believe that God can heal Zion, and I believe there has to be an answer to this stupid disorder that has stolen a part of my sons life.

Well, that ended on a good note. (smirk). We are so blessed, even though sometimes I get down on our situation, but I do believe that God is so good! Hannah, Zion, and our new baby are the joys of my life. I know God does not give us anything we can not handle. I believe that Zion was put in our family for a special reason. I see that reason everyday when I hear him say a new word or hug me as tight as he can, or yell through the house "Mommy..Mommy". I love those words so much.

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